If The World Were A Better Place (LGBTQIA+ Edition) | Love is Love | Pride | FilterCopy

Pride month might be ending but pride is forever 🏳️‍🌈 \\ @We Are Yuvaa
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Shreya Agarwal
Sanam Buxani
Shraddha Panday
Shraddha Panday
Sanam Buxani
Prithukirti Pratyush
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Arya Mishra
Kavita Wadhwan
Rayyan Monkey
Sachin Dasgupta
Wanda Amber Hendricks
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Abhijeet Tandulkar
Aditya Pardeshi
Amulya Prabhu
Ashish Chawla
Mallika Mansuri
Yeshi Shah
Vaishnavi Sanap
Devansh Kotak
Shishir Jain
Shraddha Panday
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  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? How would you like to make the world better for the community?

  2. Sreyashi Chatterjee

    Sreyashi Chatterjee

    Everyone should have the basic human rights irrespective of their gender,attire or sexuality.

  3. JN S

    JN S

    As a teen brown queer who was still closeted and cried when your

  4. Nex


    I usually don't comment on videos but I couldn't help it. THIS IS SOOO FUCKING CUTE. As a young desi lesbian this makes my day. I hope that india can adopt this point of view soon. Thanks for making this it made my day :D

  5. Bhumika Chakraborty

    Bhumika Chakraborty

    I am not a part of LGBTQ+ but I really support them and respect them. I hope they are not judged for some stupid reasons, because they are humans too just like us. They deserve to be treated as normal human being.

  6. Ash⁷⛤


    I wish our society would be like this some day

  7. Prerak Brahmbhatt

    Prerak Brahmbhatt

    I hope that very soon we can see the world like this where everyone is respected regardless their gender, sexuality, look, preference etc. and Than you so much @FilterCopy for making this video, by your efforts the world can be changed...😊

  8. Pallavi


    lowkey made me tear up,if only the world was actually like this

  9. Kritana Niraula

    Kritana Niraula

    Being an old audience of filter copy, i had started disliking its content after the coming of new members. I had stopped watching them but this video is really amazing. The cast and everything. I loved it and though i don't comment often, I had to say this.

  10. The Lion's Den (Slice of Life)

    The Lion's Den (Slice of Life)

    Truly feels like fiction I don't think the world can get this good... Ugh..lovely video btw 💜

  11. ✨Directioner✨


    I wish people around me were this accepting :(

  12. Nezuko Edxts

    Nezuko Edxts

    Last few days ago mom out of no where placed the topic of LGBTQ in front of me when I just came from school, she basically asked me what all this was about, I explained it directly, I always felt like being in an Indian society like this where one of my friend committed suicide due to sexual assault and getting harassed by a teacher, I had a fear already and after this incidence with my friend, my insecurity to speak this infront of my most close ones increased.. and when mom took the topic of community, I eventually panicked, I had nothing to panic about but it felt almost revealing myself, as soon I completed that little conversation w/ mom, she agreed to everything and even said that people don't need to suppress it to themselves, but our society is too filled with dirt to understand, I felt happy but I still can't speak a word for myself, she also told me that whatever happened to my friend, if ever happens with me, I should never hesitate to keep up the topic, I was shocked, she never said something like this to me! To be honest it felt awkward, very awkward, to talk something suchlike this first time in my life with her, and the way she understood all of it ! I definitely agree that when I would reveal myself, she will support my decision ❤

  13. ishita soryan

    ishita soryan

    this was so sweet, like seriously, i just wish, the lgbtgia+ community gets thier place in the society, like comeon, we talk of humanity, why not realize it too, they are humans, they got feelings, they got rights and they deserve all the love we can give them because in the end, they are fighters too, and it's not something as such as a sickness or mentality, it's just they are special, in a good way ofc, i wish we could just make every person realize this...this video surely has a special place in my heart, keep going filter copy! n my friends out there, keep it up! you're not wrong~

  14. Pokhraj Roy

    Pokhraj Roy

    This literally felt like Fantasy Fiction but sometimes in my (oft justified) cynicism, sometimes you forget how nice some people are. You don’t have to appropriate us, just don’t be horrible to us and accept us as we are.

  15. Siya Hans

    Siya Hans

    As long as we have people dreaming of a better world, there is hope for a better world still. :)

  16. Anonymously


    i kinda want the world to be like this rn, but it's far away. but when it's here, it's gnna be worth it

  17. Cloud9


    I hope for a world to be this better to live in

  18. sumana biswas

    sumana biswas

    help i cant stop smiling

  19. Abantika Chatterjee

    Abantika Chatterjee

    This is what should be normal everywhere! Much love to the LGBTQ+ community. Love is Love.

  20. Tanvi Narayankar

    Tanvi Narayankar

    Please more videos like these😭😭😭😭