FilterCopy | When Your Dad Retires | Ft. Aadhya, Mushtaq, Shabnam & Vishesh

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Shreya Agarwal
Devansh Kotak
Prithukirti Pratyush
Mushtaq Khan
Aadhya Anand
Shabnam Vadhera
Vanita Harihaaran
Vishesh Tiwari
Voice Over
Aryan Tandon
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Puneet Mehta
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  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Kya aapke dad bhi retirement ke baad kuch aisa hi bartav karte hai?

  2. DrawingCheetah


    My grandfather was so active even after retiring from the indian army, he did almost all the chores, told my grandmother and even my mom that they were getting old ,he'd proudly say, I am 78 years young, not Old

  3. Goo Gle

    Goo Gle

    When your dad retires mom is sad about finance , children are sad about now dad is watching them 24x7

  4. Tanvir Hasan

    Tanvir Hasan

    When our fathers become weak, we can feel the actual importance of them in our life. Without father, life is like a tv without remote.

  5. Subhasish Kerketta

    Subhasish Kerketta

    I miss my father since 2014... His retirement would have been in 2020... I got selected in forest dept this year... If he were there today I imagine how intense would be his proudness towards me!!!

  6. Aditya Manjeshwar

    Aditya Manjeshwar

    For all those finding the actor who played the dad familiar..he is the legendary "Meri ek taang nakli hai" from Welcome 😂❤️



    Turning the fan ''off'' is so relatable 😂.

  8. Shikha Pandey

    Shikha Pandey

    Hilarious but dad is also going to retire in few months....and it is really relatable....respect to all fathers who have spent all their life for our upcoming future.....

  9. Rituraj Dass

    Rituraj Dass

    My father is an retired officer.. And seeing him still active inspite of his growing age melts my heart.. Love yoh PaPa❤❤

  10. prateek choudhary

    prateek choudhary

    I miss my father he is no more but I would understand his situation he would be almost soo much like this . Good video guys

  11. TheStudyMotivator


    I was in igcse board. My 9th grade results were so bad that at one point I thought I will fail in 10nth. I used to go for tuition but I couldn't understand anything Over there either. When I was about to lose hope and give up , my dad retired just to teach me and motivate me every time I felt negative. I failed in my 10nth prelims also, but dad still supportive and by my side and he continued to teach me and motivate me, and in my board exams I ended up with 80% marks, please don't take your parents granted , they sacrifice literally everything for you, they love you more than they love themselves. Spend as much time as you can with them, and take care of them when they are older or will regret it only after they are gone .

  12. Shruti Mishra

    Shruti Mishra

    I m so proud of my father! He is really just the disciplined and loveable man! I would be so grateful if i ll become atleast a bit like him in future

  13. **listen_humane


    My dad was an officer in ITBP rank commandant. He was also my hero.The bravest and audacious person I have ever met. Truly a gentleman I will miss him forever. He passed away in 2015 due to cancer.

  14. Khyati Kumar

    Khyati Kumar

    Totally relatable

  15. Hemad Khan

    Hemad Khan

    Smiling and Sad at the same time seeing our Parents getting Old 🙂



    This is totally realistic and relatable with current scenario, keep up the quality 👏

  17. Shambhavi Verma

    Shambhavi Verma

    I am sure my dad is going to act the same whenever he'll retire 😅🤣

  18. How tf do I have 96 subs?

    How tf do I have 96 subs?

    My dad is also going to retire in like 1 year , And mom always worries about financial problems as I am just in 12th , But all dad thinks about it relax 😂, well he deserves it too

  19. Sameekshya Prasad

    Sameekshya Prasad

    When I see a notification of filtercopy a smile comes in my face

  20. Puja Das

    Puja Das

    Great work by all the actors especially the father one 👍 Filtercopy never disappoints us in terms of entertainment and relatable contents👌❤