FilterCopy | When Overthinking Is Your Superpower | Ft. Ayush, Prajakta, Aisha & Devika

Any over-thinkers out there?


  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Kya aap bhi itna hi jyada overthink karte ho?

  2. Riddhi Bansal

    Riddhi Bansal

    Only a true FC fan knows that this vedio is the mixture of all the older videos...btw loved it❤️❤️

  3. Iswara Ratri

    Iswara Ratri

    😂 so relatable with overthinking people like me every minute and every second always overthinking till my brain feel randomly🤣

  4. Nikita	🦋

    Nikita 🦋

    "What if this is only funny to me...?" is soo true... can't relate more!!😆💓

  5. Himangshu De

    Himangshu De

    That moment when Ayush's expectations broke like a glass🤣

  6. Shifa Hussain

    Shifa Hussain

    I Miss These Old Actors Of FilterCopy Yaar!! Bring Them Back!! 😭❤️

  7. Ishani Shaw

    Ishani Shaw

    The way I got so happy when I saw Ayush and Aisha together at the beginning of the video😭😭💗



    Only true filtercopy fans know the golden period when these videos used to come lol ❤️,miss those days when Ayush was the star of filtercopy 🙌🏻

  9. Aisiri .M

    Aisiri .M

    Only true filtercopy lovers know that this is a combination of old clips......

  10. Radhika Mundada

    Radhika Mundada

    ahhh it feels so gud to watch this old clips together...i really miss them man...thanku so much fc for bringing nostalgia back❤❤

  11. Shifa Hussain

    Shifa Hussain

    Only True FilterCopy Fans Know That This Is An Old Video! 😭❤️

  12. swag __ spreader__

    swag __ spreader__

    Filtercopy has studied my whole life ❤😂... Such a relatable video 😌💕

  13. Ankit Pradhan

    Ankit Pradhan

    I'm a damn introvert and an damn overthinker too 😅, this video is damn so relatable to me 😂.... Hats off to such overthinking people like us 🌝

  14. Naincy Tiwari

    Naincy Tiwari

    My whole life described in 4 minute 15 seconds 😂

  15. Tanya Poonia

    Tanya Poonia

    I was waiting for Ayush and Aisha to come together in a video and here they are after such a long time, I loved it and Lots of love for Prajakta💖

  16. Atulaya Gupta

    Atulaya Gupta

    Hawwwww I literally thought the old super cast are back but this is the mix of old videos😭😭🤧♥️♥️

  17. Keertana Vinnakota

    Keertana Vinnakota

    Just imagine if overthinking was a talent...then I would definetly get 1st prize in it🥇since I'm a biggest overthinker ever😅and my mind keeps making me overthink about everything !!!😜😅🤣



    These old videos by FC were just amazing. Be it the writers or the actors, all were just fantastic at their work.

  19. Soham Das

    Soham Das

    Filtercopy never fails to impress ;))

  20. Soumili Raha

    Soumili Raha

    I miss the old cast so much... all those people in FC videos when I first started watching this channel!