FilterCopy | No One Knows You Like Your Best Friend | Ft. Bhagyashree Limaye & Kanchan Khilare

My BFF is the one who brings out the best in me❤️
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Shreya Agarwal
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Shashank Varma
Bhagyashree Limaye
Kanchan Khilare
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  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Share this video with your BFF and shoutout

  2. A writer girl 🖊️

    A writer girl 🖊️

    Best friend don't necessarily have to talk every day.they don't even need to talk.but when they do , it's like they never stopped talking...😉😉😉😉

  3. ɮ ʟ ʊ ɛ ʂƙყ

    ɮ ʟ ʊ ɛ ʂƙყ

    “When your BFF lives in your head”

  4. Samuel Mathew

    Samuel Mathew

    BF/GF may be temporary

  5. Qurba Showkat

    Qurba Showkat

    Filter copy never fails to make us happy 💗

  6. Suneeta Bhat

    Suneeta Bhat

    Dear FC



    Bhagyashree Limaye is so lovely as always!! Will love to see her more on FilterCopy✨❤

  8. Arshil Vlogs

    Arshil Vlogs

    Bff is the best thing ever given by God he understands your feelings your emotions your every situation love you bff ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Radhika, okay?

    Radhika, okay?

    Soo happy to see Bhagyashree on Filtercopy!! 🌻🌻🌻🌻

  10. Kusum Sahu

    Kusum Sahu

    when her bff actually came to meet her i got tears in my eyes🥺🥺. missing my bff🥺🥺.

  11. Mickey Goldmill

    Mickey Goldmill

    Bhagyashree is love. I can watch her content all day.

  12. Veeksha Sh

    Veeksha Sh

    Their acting is so good!!! made me relate.

  13. Nysa Chaturvedi

    Nysa Chaturvedi

    I was literally watching this with my best friend💜

  14. Carpe Diém

    Carpe Diém

    Yes,ofc BFF's live in head as "a best friend is one soul in two bodies" after all!🥲❤just like my bestie

  15. SM.💗


    Love it ❤❤ filtercopy you always make my mood fresh

  16. Insiya Adnan Hilal

    Insiya Adnan Hilal


  17. Arti singh

    Arti singh


  18. Nikita


    FC never fails to bring a faint smile at the end of the video✨

  19. Renu Chetry

    Renu Chetry

    Filtercopy makes us smile always ❤️😊

  20. Cod_Bhakti


    Appreciate your work and your team 🙂