FilterCopy | Life Of A Single Father | Ft. Vishal Vashishtha

Dad pyaar dikhate nahi, pyaar karte hai! ❤️
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Zoya Akbar Humayun
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Pallavi Kedia


  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? What is the sweetest thing that your father has done for you?❤

  2. Fahd Patel

    Fahd Patel

    Being a single dad of a daughter, this brought me to tears. That line papa "choti theek nahi hai" 🥲 and the times we googled how to apply kajal ..... Am just out words for this video. Thank you much for shining a spotlight on the single dads.

  3. SUBAL Bhowmick

    SUBAL Bhowmick

    Not everyone is lucky enough to have a father like this...kudos to these type of dads

  4. S. Mondal

    S. Mondal

    Not to spread hate, but atleast and at last someone did understand the dads cannot be replaced too and their importance.

  5. A writer girl 🖊️

    A writer girl 🖊️

    Anyone notice that , the father is making reasons to get in the room for take caring of daughter while studying with her friend . First time I feel it's a comedy but later I can understand a father 's security to his daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. InsanelySwati


    Vishal Vashisth being the cutest father in this role✨️

  7. Aeycube Vlogs

    Aeycube Vlogs

    This guy is nailing almost every role🧡

  8. Ankita shetgaonkar

    Ankita shetgaonkar

    Being a elder daughter of single parent, I can relate to this, and understand how much my father went through to raise we two sisters.

  9. Aranya


    I have a friend who is the daughter of a single father. Believe me, this is true. So heartwarming, dad's are underappreciated.

  10. Deepanwita Ray

    Deepanwita Ray

    Vishal acted like an actual father. Loved it! ♥

  11. janapriya das

    janapriya das

    This is an old video, Filtercopy deleted it before, I searched it so many time. Now finally again I can watch it.

  12. Nik N

    Nik N

    Being the oldest daughter of a single father, I definitely see how much my dad went through to raise me and my sister. Truly heartwarming to see this video

  13. Zzz Aaa

    Zzz Aaa

    I lost my mother recently and this is exactly my dad.I'm 17 and he is always there for me to support.I can say he is living for me and my brother.Pappa I love you, mom I miss you.The only thing I want to do in my life is to make my dad proud and happy.I promise you pappa you will never be alone <3.He is struggling so much but he is hiding his all pain in smile:( This video literally tears me up.

  14. Gayatri Kulkarni

    Gayatri Kulkarni

    I like how they showed from childhood to adulthood

  15. Rishi Saraswat

    Rishi Saraswat

    That possessive and over protective father was so sweet 😊❤️

  16. sausage potato

    sausage potato

    I can relate to this , my mother died when I was just 5 while giving birth to my brother , since then my father has taken care of me and my brother ❤️❤️❤️ he is the best dad in this world love him very much ❤️

  17. Mon


    Im jst proud to every single father out there..I'm not crying, you are crying 🤌🏻

  18. Radon0501


    i am not a dad rn but i am emotional type this brought tears to my eyes. i will take inspiration from this and take care of my family like this. thanks for putting out this. love love💕💕

  19. SharminStyle


    Only daughters can understand the level of love father's do for there daughters 😄 plus u don't wanna talk about marriage Infront of dad,😂

  20. Bina Chettri

    Bina Chettri

    A mother love is really precious but a father love is precious too