FilterCopy | Awkward Moments In School | Ft. Aditya,

That awkward moment in school when your crush asks who is your crush?😆
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  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Which one of these awkward moments have you experienced in school?

  2. Arshil Vlogs

    Arshil Vlogs

    The most awkward moment is when when your crush enter in the class and whole class start making noise by looking at you 🤣🤣

  3. Ad1n8


    The fact is, Maggi doesn't stay like maggi in school, it becomes cake on one side of the tiffin 😑

  4. Venk@tesh


    Some best things in school life are..

  5. Kohl


    Calling a male teacher ... ma'am ... By mistake is one of those awkward moments

  6. Shreyoshi Misra

    Shreyoshi Misra

    For me the most awkward moment is when teacher asks you to read the next line of the paragraph from the chapter and you don't know which chapter it is coz you were busy gossiping with your friends 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. M. karthika

    M. karthika

    Awkward moment for me

  8. swag __ spreader__

    swag __ spreader__

    Actually when whole class gives same right answer and only give you give wrong ans loudly.. It was the most awakward thing to happen.. 😬

  9. Aditya Bharadwaj

    Aditya Bharadwaj


  10. lilac petals☾

    lilac petals☾

    The most awkward moment is when you shout the wrong answer in the class confidently!😅😂



    Pt sir's English is always iconic

  12. Samuel Mathew

    Samuel Mathew

    Filtercopy always makes the most relatable content ❤️

  13. Kriti


    The most awkward situation for me nowadays is when the teacher asks me to take off my mask..💀😂

  14. Kevin Thakkar

    Kevin Thakkar

    Most awkward moment ...

  15. Craft It Yourself

    Craft It Yourself


  16. Prophet of PataliPutra

    Prophet of PataliPutra

    The Most Awkward Moment is: When your Language teacher is teaching the class a Story and she mentions a Character who has your name.

  17. Khyati Kumar

    Khyati Kumar

    School days are the most memorable ones ❤️

  18. Bewildered Gal

    Bewildered Gal

    In the autogenerated subtitles, it says "pregnant mom" instead on present mom. That had me cracking up. 🤣

  19. 10k Challenge Without Video

    10k Challenge Without Video

    I respect to everyone who were involved in this,seriously the best pieces that I"ve ever seen on youtube,HATS OFF TO WELL ALL!LOVE YOUR VIDEOS🧡🧡

  20. Sania Mirza

    Sania Mirza

    Filter copy:Boy proposes girl