FilterCopy | A Date With Your Ex | Ft. Keshav Sadhna & Shreya Gupto

Ex means: Thanks for the Experience!
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  1. FilterCopy


    Kya aap aapke ex ke sath jaoge kabhi date par? Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your financial life. Monitor your score, learn what affects it, and take action to build and improve your score for free.

  2. Kaka Rera

    Kaka Rera

    I miss Ayush & Barkha ❤️ Unki chemistry etni aachi he ki meri newtonian physics asan kardi 🧘‍♂️

  3. Ishika


    My ex's name is Akash. "We are each other's idiot" was his trademark line too. And now, I miss him like an idiot again. Itni mushkil se to bhuli thi yaar 💀💀

  4. Arvind Kumar

    Arvind Kumar

    The video was nice but yaaaar we miss barkha and ayush their chemistry was on next level and we really want the old cast back its not like the new cast is bad but the old cast is just different ❣️

  5. shivam singh pundir

    shivam singh pundir

    This made me realise I'm far more better by myself 😂

  6. Shikha


    Heyy we miss barkha and aayush💕

  7. LAYLA


    The waiter saying welcome was just so adorable 🥰

  8. Jazz Kafka

    Jazz Kafka

    There is no one better who can be Ross except this guy

  9. Youtube guide

    Youtube guide

    We need old cast of filtercopy

  10. ZM


    2 frnds can be lovers, but 2 lovers can't be frnds again..people in love with heartbreak will understand this..

  11. Adit Jain

    Adit Jain

    Did anyone notice the mistake in the message he sent to her?

  12. Manzala Chang

    Manzala Chang

    Rubbing by the clothes is epic 😂😂

  13. Sara Chatterjee

    Sara Chatterjee

    damnn ur videos are soo good always excited for ur videos 💖💖❤

  14. vivek gunashekaran

    vivek gunashekaran

    Filtercopy!! Stop putting idea's in our head😅

  15. Parna Chakraborty

    Parna Chakraborty

    I miss Ayush and Barkha ❤️their chemistry 🔥🥺

  16. Z O Y A🥀

    Z O Y A🥀

    Well having a talk and a date with your ex is always awkward!💀

  17. Hetal Narula

    Hetal Narula


  18. Suresh White Eagle

    Suresh White Eagle

    I really did not come here for un existed pair in this video . I am only here for these Guys I don't know i really like these characters as a person not just only for acting. Because they have lot of patience and attitude of admiring the every single role.

  19. Rose 💜

    Rose 💜

    Oh god

  20. Pokhraj Roy

    Pokhraj Roy

    I remember the Exes Video last time and I thought it was fun. This one is too!