FilterCopy | 7 Reasons Why Being Single Is The Best

Single rehna aakhir itna bura bhi nhai hai🤌🏻
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  1. FilterCopy


    Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us which reason did you relate to the most?🤌🏻

  2. Aayesha 🌟

    Aayesha 🌟

    Only true fans of Filtercopy knows that this is the combination of all old video 💖😊💖....Anyway loved your videos FC 😍.

  3. harry


    Whenever FilterCopy upload any video about single's it hits different, because we can relate to it...🍾

  4. Gittu Kaur

    Gittu Kaur

    Old videos collaboration with old cast is beautiful... Loved it filtercopy

  5. Aliza Masroor

    Aliza Masroor

    Being single is different kinna Savage 😎🔥 Thanks FC for always making relatable content👍✌

  6. Narendra Jade

    Narendra Jade

    Really miss these old actors not that the new ones aren’t good they are brilliant but old is gold 🥰

  7. Samuel Mathew

    Samuel Mathew

    Finally, a video for singles ❤️

  8. Sruti Das

    Sruti Das

    I really miss Ayush Aisha and Barkha . FC please bring them back🥺 although it was the combination of old videos but it felt really good 😌😌

  9. Nidhi


    Filtercopy always come up with Relatable AF content!

  10. Vaibhavi


    It was a nice mix of older videos. Thanks to the crew of Filtercopy for putting those best scenes together 😉

  11. Faisal


    Filtercopy's last moments are always HILARIOUS🤣

  12. Abhilash Spartnax

    Abhilash Spartnax

    FC knows how to make singles proud as well as make them jealous

  13. Aarohi Dave

    Aarohi Dave

    Common fc, we need 'Freshly brewed' content with these legendary actors now! Though this idea of old vid compilation hits different!👏

  14. Shambhabi Sinha

    Shambhabi Sinha

    Feels so good to see the Filtercopy oldies back here

  15. Abhishek Rathore

    Abhishek Rathore

    During whole episode there was huge smile 😁 on my face

  16. Abhinav


    Good old days when fc was funny and relatable

  17. Rohan Raj

    Rohan Raj

    This was an era of filtercopy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Swapnil K

    Swapnil K

    Again.. A relatable video as always.... Kudos to the whole team

  19. Sivaranjith A

    Sivaranjith A

    Rewinding golden Era of filtercopy ❤️ 😍

  20. 35.Ayushman Shukla Xll-A

    35.Ayushman Shukla Xll-A

    Nostalgic to see old videos and cast❤️